85% of biblical prophecy has already been fulfilled.

15% is all there is left.

Many in modern American culture, and even in the church, act as though knowing biblical prophecy is for people that live on the “fringes” of society. They see it as optional information at best. We believe that God is in total control over the events of this earth and that He has made many prophetic issues, not all of them, very clear in His Word. If you are unsure of how the “nightly news” corresponds to the teaching of the Word or you simply want a better understanding of biblical prophecy, please join us.

We will have a panel of speakers that will cover topics such as:
– America (Spiritually, the Church, Economy, Government, Prophetic)
– Israel (Politics, Palestinians, ISIS, Iran & Russia, Armageddon scenario)
– End Times (Earth Changes, Cosmology, Global Economy, Global Governance, Global Religion)
– Questions and Answers w/ entire panel

We will also worship together through song and prayer.

Childcare will be available for children from birth to 4 years old IF REGISTERED. (register for childcare below)

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