Thank you for checking out our site.  If you are new to the community or new to our church, we would love to help you get to know Clayton, Rabun County and Clayton Baptist Church.

Below is a welcome message to you from our pastor, Joey Thompson.

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Above everything, we believe that our greatest need and joy is to know God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

How do I become a follower of Jesus Christ?
God is 100% righteous and 100% love. (Psalm 16:11) Because of our sin, we are check this link right here now neither righteous nor loving. We need a Savior who will take our place. Jesus was born of a virgin, lived without any sin, died, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day. The Bible says that He will come back again to complete His earthly kingdom (Matthew 24).
So what must each of us do to have our sins forgiven and become part of His kingdom? Repent (turn away) from your sins asking God to forgive you. Believe that Jesus died for your sins. Devote your entire life to Christ as your Savior, Lord, and friend. (John 3:16, Acts 3:19, Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:9, Galatians 2:20)
To talk further with someone about a relationship with Christ, ask one of our pastors or call us at 706-782-4588.

How do I become a member of Clayton Baptist?

– Be a follower of Jesus Christ sharing your salvation experience.
– Be unashamed of Jesus Christ through public baptism by immersion. (Matthew 28:19; Romans 6:1-6)
– Tell a pastor or elder your desire to unite with this local body at the end of our worship time.
– The New Member’s Workshop is a four week process offered several times per year to educate potential and existing members about the vision, mission, and goals of our fellowship. There is no requirement to commit to membership. You may register by emailing us at title your email New Member Workshop); or call us 706-782-4588.

How do I get involved?

Got questions?
If you are not sure about what you believe about God or Jesus Christ or the church or whatever, a great place for you to start would be in one of our small group Bible studies. Some meet on Sunday mornings, some meet on Wednesday nights, and still others meet throughout the week.
Click here for information on our Sunday morning groups.

If you would like to know what we are about and what we believe, here are some links that might be helpful:
Click here for information about our “big idea” type of vision, and what we value because of that vision.
Click here for information about our leadership.
Click here for information about the detailed way we are organized.

Ready to dig deeper?
Many Christians live the Christian life based completely on the basics of the check these guys out Gospel message. While the basics of the Gospel (God is real, sent perfect His Son Jesus to earth, Jesus lived a sinless life, died on Calvary’s cross to pay for the sins of people who would trust in Him for salvation and eternal life and then rose to life again to defeat sin and death) are totally amazing and all that is needed for salvation, there is a call in Scripture to “rightly handle the word of truth.” This is why we encourage everyone to be involved with a Bible study group that pushes you to understand and trust the Word of God.
Click here for information on our Men’s Groups.
Click here for information on our Women’s Groups.
Click here for information on our Young Adult Groups.
Click here for information on our Youth Groups.
Click here for information about our Children’s Awana ministry.

Ready to start serving?
You may be walking with Christ already and feel the desire to serve in a ministry in order for the Gospel to be shared through different means. If so, we have many ways to be involved with these type of ministries.
Click here for information about our Rabun County food ministry.
Click here for information about our home improvement ministry (H.I.M.).
Click here for information about our short-term mission opportunities.