Cathy Shell – Youth & Missions Ministry Assistant

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Get to know Cathy

What’s your favorite Bible verse (at least right now)?
Really a tough one. Changes often.  I keep finding just the right verse to get me through whatever I’m going through and that’s a God Thing!

What’s on your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player?
Don’t remember.  Dust covers them now.

Who is one person who discipled you well?
Norma Rogers.  She taught me what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ!

Favorite Book of the Bible?
How do you single out one book when they all are relevant to each other?

College Team you pull for?
I’m from New Orleans so it’s got to be LSU!

I’ve been married to my husband Paul since 1984.  We have a daughter, Hayley, Graduated from Valdosta State University and a son, Dane, at University of North Georgia.

When did God save you and make you his child?
I accepted Christ at a young age but it was in my thirties is when I really understood and started growing in my faith.

Favorite Movie?
Funny, Sad, Musical, Action…just depends on the movie and my mood.

What do you want people to say about you when you go to be with the Lord?
She lived her dash with Christ.

Pro team you pull for?
New Orleans Saints.

Man or woman of the Bible you would love to meet face to face?